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About Me

I'm a mom of two beautiful daughters and a respiratory therapist. My career has given me so many opportunities to meet great people, help those who are sick, and also provide me an income that allows me to have a nice life. I love shopping and travel, as well as finding great places to eat along the way. I always have some sort of project to improve my home and a trip planned. My daughters and I have attended a few concerts recently and I have been a life-long live music fan. I started this page to help other people find deals and opportunities to be able to improve their lives through beauty in their surroundings and creating memorable experiences through travel. 

I am a very positive person and try to see the best in every situation. I will be sharing some of my favorite positive quotes from time to time. I like good vibes and I will keep the feeling very happy and positive on this page. I want this to be a place you feel comfortable asking questions and finding information that will help you improve your life in some small way. 

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